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Date Title
3/29/2015 Zero calories might not equal no fat: Diet soda linked to weight gain in older people
3/28/2015 'I was in such denial': Baton Rouge man on confronting 'the silent killer,' diabetes
3/24/2015 American Diabetes Association: It's "Diabetes Alert Day"
3/24/2015 Diabetes Alert Day
3/24/2015 Diabetes Alert Day calls attention to serious health risk
3/22/2015 Dozens of Genetic Markers Contribute to Obesity
3/20/2015 Collaboration Targets Health Risks
3/20/2015 Louisiana researchers find new genes linked to obesity
3/20/2015 Pennington Biomedical is making "Soldier fuel"
3/20/2015 Researchers at 5 LSU campuses share $500,000 in grants
3/17/2015 Collaborative assessment evaluates health in rural community
3/17/2015 Survey finds West Carroll Parish’s health lacking
3/13/2015 Runner's World: Run your way lean - how burning more calories beats eating less (by a mile)
3/13/2015 Standing Might Not Counteract the Health Harms of Sitting for Runners
3/12/2015 Run from zombies at work in new fitness platform
3/11/2015 Here Is What Crash Dieting Does To Your Body
3/8/2015 Gut check: With bacteria in us and all over us, researchers are finding ways to take advantage of them
3/4/2015 Pennington executive chosen to lead group
3/3/2015 The Starch Study
3/2/2015 Any Exercise Is Good, But Higher-Intensity May Be Better
3/2/2015 Signature: Dr. Amanda Staiano
2/28/2015 Pennington Biomedical holds annual Wellness Day for Women
2/28/2015 Weighty Issues
2/26/2015 Improving the Technology Used to Explore the Brain
2/26/2015 Pennington Biomedical Research Center chief business development officer chosen as president elect of AUTM
2/23/2015 To Understand How the Brain Ages, Researcher Looks at the Heart
2/22/2015 Pennington research finds genetic markers for obesity
2/20/2015 From Campus to Cambridge
2/20/2015 Local researchers help identify genes in our body that cause obesity
2/20/2015 Pennington Biomedical collaboration targets obesity causes
2/19/2015 BR researchers help identify genes contributing to obesity
2/18/2015 High-Protein Diet Spurs Metabolism, But Effect Is Fleeting
2/11/2015 Is Sitting "the New Cancer"?
2/10/2015 Pennington Biomedical encourages employees to stay healthy and active while at work
2/10/2015 Treadmill Desks Offer Limited Benefits, Pose Challenges in the Workplace, Study Shows
2/8/2015 The question of vitamins: Nutritional supplements are big business, but are they doing us any good?
2/7/2015 Our Views: A toolkit for health
2/6/2015 Pennington Biomedical Plans Wellness Day for Women
2/6/2015 Tool kit developed to fight childhood obesity
2/3/2015 Pennington Biomedical: Green Smoothie
2/3/2015 Pick your poison: Sugar vs. artificial sweeteners
2/3/2015 Toolkit from Pennington Biomedical tackles childhood obesity
1/27/2015 A sugar that fights diabetes? Pennington looking into it
1/22/2015 STARCH study could help stop diabetes
1/15/2015 Study: Lunch after recess leads kids to eat more fruits and veggies
1/7/2015 Study Helps Researchers Understand Exercise and Diabetes
1/6/2015 No Excuses... All You Need is 10-Minutes
1/6/2015 Quinoa Lentil Chili
1/5/2015 How Pancreatic Beta Cells Get Caught in a Hail Storm
1/3/2015 It's 'just a bite,' but experts blame grazing the holiday spread for packing on pounds
12/19/2014 BMI may not be the last word on health risks, some experts say
12/16/2014 One of the most difficult challenges in weight loss is keeping the weight off over the long term
12/16/2014 The Drive Study
12/15/2014 Pennington tackles family health, childhood obesity
12/14/2014 Wearable activity trackers are among the hottest presents for fitness-minded
12/12/2014 Pennington Announces Wellness Day for Women
12/11/2014 Beans and Grains: The Perfect Pairing
12/11/2014 How local organizations help make Christmas wishes come true
12/11/2014 New DRIVE Research Study featured on WAFB-TV
12/11/2014 One of the most difficult challenges in weight loss is keeping the weight off over the long term
12/8/2014 Pennington, ProteoVec join multistate research effort
12/7/2014 Breaking the links to obesity: Parents get lesson in healthy eating for their kids’ sake
12/5/2014 Pennington seeks participants for 'grazing' studies
12/5/2014 Pennington seeks participants for 'grazing' studies
12/3/2014 3 ways your chair will kill you
12/3/2014 Baton Rouge research center looking for participants in their type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes studies
12/3/2014 FDA Ruling Provides Calorie Labeling for Informed Food Choices
11/30/2014 Our Views: High costs of diabetes
11/27/2014 Exercise for Heart
11/26/2014 How eating earlier benefits your health
11/24/2014 Diabetes costly for Louisiana
11/23/2014 HDL Cholesterol and Cancer Risk Among Patients With Type 2 Diabetes
11/21/2014 Add high-fat diet to the ‘don’t’ list for pregnant moms
11/21/2014 Economic Burden of Diabetes Requires Early Intervention
11/21/2014 Taking the next step: High-tech trackers synch your data to your smartphone or computer
11/20/2014 Five Questions: David Winwood
11/20/2014 More diagnosed with Alzheimer's during holiday season
11/19/2014 A Calorie's Just A Calorie... Right?!
11/18/2014 Can you actually be 'big boned'?
11/17/2014 Pennington Biomedical looking for volunteers for dementia, Alzheimer's research
11/14/2014 Diabetic dieting strategies demand forward thinking
11/14/2014 Pennington Biomedical Marks Alzheimer's Awareness Month
11/14/2014 Study Shows Benefits of Omega-3 Fatty Acid
11/13/2014 Need sleep? Try this surprising drink
11/12/2014 Is There a Race-Specific Association Between BMI and All-Cause Mortality Among Patients With Type 2 Diabetes?
11/12/2014 Panel discusses ways to reduce health care costs in Louisiana
11/7/2014 Pennington Biomedical Study Compares Treatments in Type 2 Diabetes
11/7/2014 The Obesity Society Honors Dr. George Bray for Supporting the Field with Inaugural Presidential Medals
11/6/2014 Diets High in Long-chain Omega-3 Fatty Acids Shown to Help Prevent Cox-2 Sependent Adenocarcinomas
11/5/2014 Pennington Biomedical among awardees of NIH grants in institutional development to underserved states
11/5/2014 Study Suggests the Human Body Cannot be Trained to Maintain a Higher Metabolism
11/4/2014 Pennington Biomedical dieticians demo healthy fall recipes using fall favorite: spaghetti squash
11/3/2014 Interview with Dr. Peter Katzmarzyk: Striving for Steps in the Right Direction
11/3/2014 The biggest lessons: Pennington study of TV’s ‘The Biggest Loser’ finds metalbolism might be taking heavy hit
10/30/2014 Speed of weight loss may have little impact on success at keeping it off
10/28/2014 Panelists support need for STEM training
10/22/2014 Study shows “Freshman 15” myth is false
10/21/2014 High tech or low, fitness trackers make you more aware of your steps, daily activity
10/16/2014 Does Gradual or Rapid Weight Loss Matter for Lasting Results?
10/15/2014 Is 'Slow and Steady' Weight Loss Really the Best Approach?
10/13/2014 Pennington director discusses funding needs, south Baton Rouge health district
10/10/2014 Pennington researches metabolism in metabolic chambers
10/9/2014 Find ways to reduce how much you sit
10/5/2014 Comfort food for muscles: Trio of remedies will help with workout recovery
10/1/2014 LSH Health News: Research Grant Recipients Recognized
10/1/2014 LSU's Pennington Biomedical Research Center gets $10M to study obesity treatment
10/1/2014 New Treatments Needed for Obesity
9/30/2014 Pennington researcher awarded $10M to study obesity treatment options
9/24/2014 Get the kids involved with blueberry smoothies
9/22/2014 Pennington Biomedical Experts Participate in SEC Symposium on Obesity Prevention
9/22/2014 Pennington Biomedical is Working with U.S. Army on MREs for our Soldiers
9/18/2014 Pennington Biomedical Experts Weigh in on Decline of Obesity Rate in Louisiana
9/15/2014 Doc’s DASH organizers promote Pennington Biomedical’s family 5k & fun run on WBRZ’s 2uneIn
9/10/2014 Exercise Just 5 Minutes a Day, Add Years to Your Life
9/9/2014 Ministers partner to help combat chronic illnesses
9/7/2014 Ministers Partner with Pennington Biomedical to Help Combat Chronic Illnesses
9/6/2014 Open mHealth announces Linq – bringing digital health data into the heart of clinical practice today
9/5/2014 Ancient famine-fighting genes can't explain obesity
9/4/2014 Workplace Wellness: 7 Workplace Design Experts Weigh in on the Next Big Thing
9/2/2014 The Health Risks Of Sitting Too Much
9/1/2014 Pennington selected to test new Alzheimer’s drug
8/25/2014 Today's parents less able to spot obesity in their kids
8/24/2014 Body Scanner Takes Quick, Accurate Fashion Measurements
8/24/2014 Controversial weight loss method gets mind on board to help drop pounds
8/24/2014 Poor health choices plague parish
8/22/2014 Insomnia Relief Never Tasted So Good
8/22/2014 Losing Weight Lowers Health Care Costs for Adults with Type 2 Diabetes
8/22/2014 Pennington Biomedical Names New Director of In-Patient Research Unit
8/22/2014 Research Offers New Look at Hormones and Weight Loss
8/21/2014 Losing Weight Lowers Health Care Costs for Adults with Type 2 Diabetes
8/20/2014 Dr. Cefalu accepts Dr. Alexander’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
8/20/2014 Pennington Biomedical Research Center Names New Director of Allen A. Copping In-Patient Research Unit
8/20/2014 Spots still open for free 2014 Men's Health Conference in Baton Rouge
8/18/2014 AgCenter/Pennington Biomendical program strives to improve West Carroll Parish health
8/18/2014 Fitness trackers may help older folks lose weight
8/18/2014 The Health Risks of Sitting Too Much
8/14/2014 Get Up and Play, Seven Minutes a Day
8/14/2014 Smart Woman: Exergaming Grows in Popularity
8/6/2014 Stomach rumbles start in the back of your brain
8/5/2014 Pennington Biomedical's Metabolic Kitchen and Research Studies Featured on WBRZ's Tune In
8/4/2014 What really makes us fat: Too much food or too little movement?
8/3/2014 Early weight-loss plateaus are because adherence drops off; not because of metabolism
8/1/2014 Is 5 Minutes of Exercise Really Enough?
7/30/2014 Childhood obesity: is it being taken seriously?
7/30/2014 Pennington Biomedical names business development officer
7/30/2014 Running 5 Minutes a Day Has Long-Lasting Benefits
7/27/2014 Our Views: La. fighting nutrition battle
7/26/2014 Look to balanced meals, not fad diets
7/25/2014 4-H Board Learns About Nutrition
7/23/2014 A hidden health hazard
7/22/2014 Researchers say exercise desks could be the future of desk jobs
7/22/2014 Working out while you work
7/17/2014 Botanical Research Center looks for science behind Louisiana folk medicine
7/16/2014 First grants to ‘LIFT’ tech businesses being awarded
7/15/2014 Challenge for a Healthier Louisiana: Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana Foundation drives statewide collaboration to prevent obesity
7/14/2014 People in Business for July 13, 2014
7/13/2014 High diagnosis rates on par with obesity in U.S.
7/13/2014 Hypoxia Associated With Improved Insulin Sensitivity
7/11/2014 Local exercise study needs participants
7/9/2014 Eating for Abs: The Beach-Body Diet Handbook
7/9/2014 Pennington Biomedical to Host Inaugural Community Event
7/9/2014 WEDNESDAY: Pitcher Denny McClain; LSU School of Mass Comm Dean Jerry Ceppos; Rev. Alan Cutter
7/6/2014 Ideal Protein plan is called 'nutrition on autopilot'
7/4/2014 Insight: Research Points to Cost Savings for Coverage of Obesity Treatment
6/30/2014 Intimate arrival: The opening of a new birth center gives Baton Rouge moms-to-be more options
6/29/2014 Could a Common Cold Virus Be Helping to Make America Fat?
6/26/2014 Why Not Even Exercise Will Undo the Harm of Sitting All Day—and What You Can Do About It
6/25/2014 Kids Encouraged to Stand Up and Be Active
6/25/2014 Why Oatmeal Keeps You Feeling Full For An Insanely Long Time
6/24/2014 4 Habits that Destroy Your Metabolism
6/16/2014 Lose 10% body weight, gain tons of health benefits
6/15/2014 Diabetes Care Symposium highlights journal's top research
6/15/2014 Pennington center comfy with website’s healthy satire
6/13/2014 Carmichael Named Director of Biomedical Imaging
6/13/2014 LA CaTS Names Roadmap and Meritorious Scholars
6/11/2014 New Diabetes Studies Need Volunteers at Pennington
6/11/2014 Pennington to Host Parkinson's Disease Conference
6/10/2014 New Study Shows That Oatmeal Can Help You Feel Full Longer
6/10/2014 Next-Gen Blood Sugar Management
6/9/2014 Filling with Oats
6/9/2014 The Best Advice: Jennifer Carlton Rood
6/4/2014 Q&A: How to change food habits for a healthier life
6/1/2014 Basic number critical in directing you toward health
6/1/2014 BMI a vital tool, but it can yield some surprises
6/1/2014 How doing your job could cut your life expectancy. Keep moving
5/30/2014 Pennington Part of Major LIFE Study
5/28/2014 Dodging Diabetes without Drugs
5/28/2014 Washington, D.C., takes title for fit, healthy living
5/27/2014 Walking, exercise in elderly can reduce risk of loss of mobility
5/24/2014 Diet Versus Exercise: What Should You Tackle (Hardest)?
5/24/2014 Dieting and exercising not enough to lose weight, says health expert
5/12/2014 Some foods found to fight off fat with resistant starches
5/1/2014 Youth fitness report card: It's as bad as you think it is
4/30/2014 Drink This, Sleep 90 More Minutes A Night
4/30/2014 Students sacrifice sleep, health for finals
4/29/2014 Cherry juice could fight insomnia
4/29/2014 Pennington researchers author first-of-its-kind national report card on children's health
4/28/2014 Tart cherry juice increases sleep time in adults with insomnia
4/25/2014 My Time: Brain boost for people over 50
4/25/2014 PBRC Executive Director to Train International Physicians
4/24/2014 Exercise More And Eat Less? There’s A Lot More To It
4/21/2014 Flawed formula: BMI has holes
4/20/2014 Pennington looking at natural approach to future of medicine
4/17/2014 Fitness Trackers May Help Older People Lose Weight
4/11/2014 Guest commentary: LSU leading the way in solving problems