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The Pennington Biomedical Research Center, a research facility of the Louisiana State University System, is seeking to hire a Database Manager with training and practical experience in biostatistics to manage data for large multi-site clinical trials for its Pediatric Obesity and Health Behavior Laboratory. The Database Manager will be responsible for creating all surveys and data collection tools to be used for data collection, tracking, and project management across the clinical projects. The Database Manager will meet with team members to develop requirements and specifications for each database (primarily REDCap); will be responsible for creating, testing, and maintaining all databases; and will assist in training team members on the data collection tools and databases. This individual will regularly communicate with project managers and data assessors across multiple clinical sites to ensure accurate and timely data entry. In addition, the Database Manager will be responsible for maintaining the study website and for cleaning (including statistical outlier detection) and compiling all data as needed for Data Safety Monitoring Board meetings and data reviews. This individual will provide statistical consultation and work regularly with the team of PhD-level and masters-level biostatisticians to assist with data analysis for investigators utilizing macros and statistical algorithms, longitudinal analyses, multi-level analyses and complex survey design analyses.
Masters degree is required. A combination of educational training and experience in organizing, coordinating, and managing large data structures is required. Other needed skills include knowledge of epidemiologic and biostatistical methods, experience in working with datasets, retrieving and cleaning data, formatting data for analysis, and working with staff regarding data management issues. Strong oral and written communication skills, knowledge of MS Office, Access, SAS or other statistical software, and database software is required.
Staiano, Amanda E.
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