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Keep Web page content current, appealing and effective, including interactive sections used by recruiting, conference planning and education. Create necessary layouts, graphics and photographs to support web and other communications needs. Capture and edit still images, video and audio for the web. Job Responsibilities (List essential duties and responsibilities to accomplish the job.) Selects, installs and operates web applications and creates and maintains Center web sites. Some application development also required. Designs web pages and some Center materials (posters, flyers, ads.) Some photography necessary for web content. Keep Web page content current, interactive, appealing and effective. Create necessary graphics or work with team members to develop graphics, photographs, and interactive features on web to build new methods of visitor engagement. Maintain up-to-date UI/UX/CSS trends and SEO techniques. Provide for increased video content for website and social channels. This position is a vital component of the Communications Team is the occupant may rise to the level of contribution his or her skills allow. The team member will also be called upon to assist in communications duties such as strategic planning to meet various web goals that align with Center business objectives.
2 - 4 Years of experience in web designing/implementation. Has knowledge of commonly used concepts, practices and procedures. Bachelor’s degree in ISDS or Computer Science preferred. Must be proficient in the use of web application software including the Adobe Suite of Creative products. Must be fluent in HTML, JavaScript, Visual Basic, VBScript, and .Net coding languages. Must have experience in creating secure socket layer connections. Must be knowledgeable of HIPAA rules and regulations pertaining to the use of online communications. Must be able to keep the Center and communications team current with software, training and application recommendations.
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