Is there a family link to developing diabetes?

People who have family members with diabetes have a higher risk of developing the disease in the future compared to people without a family history. One possible link to this greater risk is the mothers’ health during pregnancy. Pennington Biomedical Research Center is currently looking for young adults and their brother and/or sister to participate in the EXPOSURE study to explore this link.

The EXPOSURE study needs healthy siblings (brothers, sisters or brother/sister combination) who are 20-34 years old to participate in a 2-day research study to explore the link between your risk of developing diabetes and your mother’s health during pregnancy. As a participant, you will have 1 screening visit and 1 overnight stay at Pennington Biomedical Research Center.

You may be eligible to participate in The EXPOSURE study if you meet the following inclusion and exclusion criteria:

  • You have a sibling (same mother and father) willing
    and eligible to participate
  • You and your sibling are between the ages of
    20-34 years
  • You and your sibling are both healthy
  • Neither you or your sibling are current smokers
If you think you may be eligible, or if you are a mother who thinks her adult children may be eligible, please click below (participate button).