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Pennington Biomedical, in collaboration with Rutgers University, has been home to the BRC since

2005. It is one of only three NIH-funded botanical research centers in the country and the only

one focused primarily on obesity and diabetes. Pennington Biomedical’s expertise in metabolic

disease research is teamed with

Rutgers University’s plant science

expertise on this initiative.

The center’s third 5-year renewal was awarded in 2015 for continued research and innovation

to help combat diabetes, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, obesity and heart disease.






The LA CaTS Center is working to transform the clinical and translational research efforts of

our region away from the status quo, where institutions operate in isolation to pursue their

institutional missions, and toward a cohesive, mutually supportive enterprise for clinical and

translational research. Funded through the NIH IDeA-CTR, the center represents a unified and

comprehensive approach targeting the theme of “prevention, care and research of chronic

diseases in the underserved population.” The center is comprised of three primary collaborating

institutions, including Pennington Biomedical, LSU Health Sciences Center in New Orleans,

and Tulane University School of Medicine in New Orleans – and also includes four research

partners: LSU Health Sciences Center in Shreveport, Xavier University of Louisiana in New

Orleans, Research Institute for Children at Children’s Hospital in New Orleans and Louisiana

State University in Baton Rouge. Another five-year grant renewal is being submitted in 2016.






The IDRP is working to improve the quality of life for individuals in Louisiana through world class

research programs focused on dementia prevention, providing local access to the latest clinical

trials for the treatment of dementia, and providing educational opportunities for individuals/

families affected by dementia. The IDRP brings together multiple scientific disciplines within

the clinical research arena in order to find novel ways of preventing, detecting, and managing

dementia in the elderly. The institute has enrolled more than 2,000 participants in its clinical trials

and is establishing itself as a world leader in understanding the interactions between changes in

mobility and the development of dementia. The institute was designated an Alzheimer’s Disease

Cooperative Study (ADCS) site in 2014, making Pennington Biomedical the only ADCS site in the

tri-state area of Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi.






New extramural grants to Louisiana institutions via LA CaTS infrastructure


Scientific journal publications authored by investigators via LA CaTS resources