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| 2014-2015 Scientific Report


Annadora Bruce-Keller, PhD David Burk, PhD Ji Suk Chang, PhD Elizabeth Floyd, PhD Thomas Gettys, PhD William Hansel, PhD Christopher Morrison, PhD Heike Muenzberg-Gruening, PhD Randall Mynatt, PhD Richard Rogers, PhD Michael Salbaum, PhD Kem Singletary, DVM Jianping Ye, MD Sangho Yu, PhD Jingying Zhang, PhD Hans-Rudolf Berthoud, PhD Claude Bouchard, PhD Doug Braymer, PhD Susan Collier, PhD Kenneth Eilertsen, PhD Carrie Elks, PhD, RD Claudia Kappen, PhD Abba Kastin, MD David McDougal, PhD Tuomo Rankinen, PhD Allison Richard, PhD Brenda Richards (Smith), PhD Jacqueline Stephens, PhD April Stull, PhD, RD Bolormaa Vandanmagsar, PhD Jason Collier, PhD Gerlinda Hermann, PhD Robert Noland, PhD Krisztian Stadler, PhD

well as inflammation and disease progression. Our

research, and that of colleagues at other institutions,

has shown that modern high fat diets cause robust

and long-lasting disruption to the gut microbiome,

which may trigger profound metabolic and neurologic

damage. Conversely, healthy lifestyle choices like

dietary botanicals and exercise might support a healthy

microbiome and prevent the effects of unhealthy diets.

Future studies will focus on learning how to harness

the intestinal microbiome to prevent the detrimental

effects of modern unhealthy diets while amplifying the

beneficial effects of botanical and exercise interventions

to synergistically increase overall health.


Our basic scientists are collaborating on

research projects with colleagues on other LSU campuses

and with institutions and companies around the world to help

develop an understanding of the biological basis for chronic

diseases like obesity and diabetes.