The Division of Education directs training programs for Pennington Biomedical’s postdoctoral fellows. These programs are designed to train fellows to become productive research scientists capable of establishing independent scientific careers in biomedical research. Many of our fellows are sponsored by NIH Institutional Postdoctoral Training Grants.

Postdoctoral Researchers

Postdoc Laboratory Mentor
Bobart, Laura Nutrient Sensing and Adipocyte Metabolism Gettys, Thomas W.
Broskey, Nicholas Reproductive Endocrinology and Women's Health Lab Redman, Leanne M.
Collier, Susan Islet Biology and Inflammation Stephens, Jacqueline M.
Dhullipudi, Ram Brain And Metabolism Imaging in Chronic Disease Carmichael, Owen T.
Fuller, Scott Adipocyte Biology Stephens, Jacqueline M.
Gilmore, Anne Reproductive Endocrinology & Women's Health Redman, Leanne M.
Goldsmith, Felicia Regulation of Gene Expression Salbaum, Michael
Hawkins, Keely Ingestive Behavior Laboratory Martin, Corby K.
He, Ping Brain and Metabolism Imaging in Chronic Disease Carmichael, Owen T.
Kim, Jihyun Molecular Biology of Metabolism Chang, Ji Suk
Knott, Eric Adipocyte Biology Stephens, Jacqueline M.
Marlatt, Kara John S McIlhenny Skeletal Muscle Physiology Ravussin, Eric
Myers, Candice Ingestive Behavior | Contextual Risk Factors Martin, Corby K.
Park, Minsung Gene Regulation and Metabolism Chang, Ji Suk
Qualls-Creekmore, Emily Central Leptin Signaling Muenzberg-Gruening, Heike
Shankapal, Preetham Brain and Metabolism Imaging for Chronic Diseases Carmichael, Owen T.
Sullivan, Samaah Population and Public Health Services Katzmarzyk, Peter T.
Warfel, Jaycob Gene Nutrient Interactions & Transgenics Mynatt, Randall L.