Richard Rogers, Ph.D.

John S. McIlhenny Endowed Professorship in Nutritional Neuroscience
Interim Associate Executive Director for Basic

Autonomic Neuroscience - Rogers
Associate Executive Director for Basic Science
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Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles, CA, 1979, Neuroscience


Dr. Rogers laboratory focuses on the modulation of the brain-gut axis by cytokines, hormones and CNS pathways involved in the control of feeding behavior and energy utilization. A special emphasis is placed on live cell imaging approaches to neural – glial interactions in brainstem autonomic control centers.


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5: Rogers RC, McDougal DH, Hermann GE. Leptin amplifies the action of thyrotropin-releasing hormone in the solitary nucleus: an in vitro calcium imaging study. Brain Res. 2011 Apr 18;1385:47-55
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