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In-patient Clinic Core


  • William Cefalu, M.D.


The Inpatient Clinic serves the needs of clinical investigators for the conduct of advanced clinical end points in studies of obesity, diabetes, and metabolism.


The inpatient unit serves the needs of clinical investigators for the conduct of advanced clinical endpoints in clinical studies of obesity, diabetes and metabolism. The consists of:
- seven rooms, with two beds each, for overnight clinical stays and procedures. These rooms have been recently renovated and are comfortably furnished with large windows, private bath facilities, and telephones.
- two rooms dedicated for the conduct of euglycemic hyperinsulinemic ‘clamps’
- a procedure room for oral glucose tolerance testing, IV glucose tolerance testing, pharmacokinetic studies, and other related procedures
- a dedicated biopsy room for adipose tissue and skeletal muscle biopsies
- a satellite clinical chemistry sample processing and accessioning room
- a room dedicated to the measurement of food intake and macronutrient selection
- a fully equipped Inpatient Unit / Eating Laboratory Metabolic Kitchen
- a lounge/sunroom for volunteers where they can watch TV/DVDs, surf the internet and play games
- a large nursing station that includes a remote pharmacy, internet/intranet access and work table
- a psychology data collection area for questionnaire completion
- immediately adjacent facilities: DEXA, chocardiography, ultrasound, 3T MRI/MRS and pulmonary function testing units. The unit is staffed 24-hours, 7-days a week except major holidays.