Q: Who funds the Expecting Success study?
A: This study is funded by the National Institutes of Health (http://www.nih.gov/) and is one of 7 studies across the country being conducted with the same goal of helping pregnant mothers gain a healthy amount of weight during pregnancy. All the studies are grouped together in a consortium called “LIFE-Moms” which is short for Lifestyle Interventions in Expectant Moms. To find out more information about the LIFE-Moms consortium, visit https://portal.bsc.gwu.edu/web/lifemoms/.

Q: How do I sign up?
A: All research studies have a list of requirements for its study participants. If you are interested in participating in our study, you will go through a “screening” process to see if you will qualify.

First, you will be asked a series of questions. You can answer these by completing our online survey, calling us (225-215-7980) or stopping by study headquarters. If you qualify based on this survey, the second step is participating in 3 screening visits at study headquarters at Woman’s. At these visits, we will collect measurements (such as your height, blood pressure, and sugar metabolism) and at the end of these visits, we can see if you will fully qualify.

Q: Where is the study headquarters? How do I get there?
A: The study headquarters is at the new Woman’s Hospital Campus (100 Woman’s Way) in the Physician Office Building on the 5th floor. The suite number is 515. You can get to the hospital by way of Airline Highway or Pecue Lane. The Physician Office Building is located next to and attached to the Hospital. Once inside the Physician Office Building, take the elevator on your right to the 5th floor, follow the carpeted hallway and Suite 515 is at the end of the hall.

Q: What are the Headquarters’ hours?
A: Headquarters is open Monday through Friday from 7 AM to 3:30 PM.

Q: How do I reach an Expecting Success staff member?
A: You can call Headquarters at 215-7980 or email moms@pbrc.edu. A staff member will contact you in less than 1 business day!

Q: How can I receive more information about the Expecting Success Study?
A: You can watch the informational video below. The video gives a brief description about the study and the SmartMoms program from the principal investigators of the study, Drs. Redman and Martin! You can also call or email study staff or stop by the Study Headquarters to chat with a staff member.

Q: How will you know I have arrived to Headquarters? What should I do when I get to the study office?
A: Check in with the staff at the front desk. They will let us know you have arrived.

Q: What if I don’t have a Smartphone?
A: The study will loan you a Smartphone to use for the study if you do not have one. You will receive an iPhone and will be taught how to use it if you are unfamiliar with it. The iPhone will be returned at the end of your program.

Q: How often does the Smart-Moms Clinic group meet?
A: A participant in the Smart-Moms clinic group will meet 4 times per month when in her second trimester and 2 times per month in her third trimester.

Q: How often does the Smart-Moms Phone group meet?
A: A participant in the Smart-Moms Phone group will meet twice with her counselor (once at the beginning of the program and once at the end) and will receive all materials through her Smartphone.

Q: Is my physician involved in this study?
A: As part of the screening process, the Expecting Success study team (with your permission) will ask your OB/GYN for clearance for you to participate. If your OB/GYN provides clearance, he or she will receive your lab results throughout the study. One of Woman’s OB/GYNs, Dr. Breaux, monitors patients in the study and will share your testing results and progress with your primary care OB/GYN.

Q: What is SmartMoms?
A: SmartMoms is the name of the weight management program that you could receive if you participate in Expecting Success. It was developed by scientists and mathematicians at Pennington Biomedical Research Center and Montclair University to help you manage weight gain during pregnancy. If you are placed in a SmartMoms group you will receive the program in person with a counselor (called SmartMoms-Clinic group) or by using the ‘app’ on a SmartPhone (called SmartMoms-Phone group). Here is a sneak peek at the SmartMoms app!

Q: Will I have to follow a set diet?
A: If you are placed in a SmartMoms group, the SmartMoms program is individualized to meet your pregnancy and weight gain needs. You and your counselor will work together to plan a healthy diet that follows the USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Your diet plan can be adjusted throughout your pregnancy based on changes in cravings and your weight gain. You and your counselor will work closely to make sure your diet is ideal for you and your baby.

Q: How much weight will I gain?
A: SmartMoms is designed with the goal of helping expecting mothers gain the amount of weight recommended by the ACOG and the Institute of Medicine. Your weight gain goal is based on your height and weight before you became pregnant. By knowing your BMI (or body mass index) before you became pregnant, you can use the table below to see how much weight gain is recommended for you:

Q: What testing would be done on my baby?
A: Your baby’s visits for Expecting Success are very similar to his or her Baby Wellness Visits by a pediatrician. We will measure your baby’s weight, length, head circumference and stomach circumference. We will also measure your baby’s body fat in a special incubator called a PEA POD (pictured below).

Q: What is a Vegan Lifestyle?
A: A person who practices a vegan lifestyle does not eat meat or any other animal product like milk or cheese. Those who practice this lifestyle also typically do not wear or use anything that can be taken from an animal, for example they would not wear fur.

Q: Can I enroll if I am not pregnant?
A: Yes. If you are currently trying to become pregnant you can sign up for the Expecting Success study ahead of time and perform what we call a “prescreening” visit. We will orient you to the study Headquarters and perform a short visit to collect some measurements such as height, weight, and blood pressure. Then, if you do become pregnant while the study is still open to recruiting, you can enroll in the main study!