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Study Type


Study Purpose

The purpose of this study is to see the health outcomes of adolescents after following a lower or higher protein weight loss diet.

About the Study

Is Your Teenager Overweight?

Currently one third of adolescents are overweight or obese, a rate that has tripled over the past 30 years and is a major national concern. Besides excess weight, many adolescents have co-morbidities or are at an increased risk for these comorbidities in the future.

The POWER (PrOtein and WEight loss in teenageRs) study will determine the effects of two weight loss diets that have higher and lower dietary protein intake on body weight in adolescents 12-17 years of age. 

Study Design

Number of visits:

  • 1 screening visit
  • 4 clinic visits
  • 8 intervention visits

Study procedures:

  • Height, weight, pulse, blood pressure, waist and hip measurements
  • History and physical
  • Draw blood
  • Breath sample
  • Body fat measurements
  • Accelerometer to be worn for the duration of the study¬†

If your child agrees to volunteer for the study and is eligible, your child will be randomly assigned to 25% energy restriction with one of 2 programs:

  • Lower Protein Group or
  • Higher Protein Group

Adolescents in both groups will be required to wear an accelerometer and record their food intake via camera phone. The intervention visits entail meeting with a weight management counselor once a week for the first month, then every other week for the next two months. At the end of 12 weeks, both the child and the parent will return to clinic to have the measurements done at Screening repeated. A parent or guardian must also agree to participate to allow collection of anthropometrics and demographic data to better understand the home environment. All study procedures will be provided at no cost to participants.

Study Qualifications

  • Age:12-17 years old
  • Weight: Overweight or obese
  • Male or female

Study Duration

4 months


Earn up to $200 for participation.

Study Contact

If you are interested in volunteering for the Power study, click here to screen online, call 225-763-3000 or email clinicaltrials@pbrc.edu.

If you think you may be eligible, please click the button below to screen online.


Please do not fill out this questionnaire for anyone other than yourself unless you are their legal guardian.
If you know someone who may be interested please direct them to the site or have them call us directly at 225-763-3000.


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